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  A brotherhood of mature gamers, a gathering of good friends, a society built on strong guildmanship and a meeting place for all respected allies.
We are Resurrection!

Resurrection Allied Counsil; The 13th Legion, The Immortal TAW, The Fallen Guards of the RVK, The Old Fellowship of the Blood Stained Knights, The Coalition of Cimmerian Hords, The Rancorous New Dawn and our allies in war The Indiscreet Set Raiders.

To those that would proudly honnor the Resurrection banner, join us in epic warfare and acknowledge our name.

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in memory of

Rotten Vicious Kinits
{Est. Feb 6th 2010}

Res-ur-rect.;   1.) To restore (a dead person, soul or spirit) to life.
2.) Revive the practice, use, or memory of (something). Bring new vigor to.